Lauren Holiday gives birth to a healthy daughter; brain surgery awaits


Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America

Fox Sports reports that Lauren and Jrue Holiday are the parents of a healthy baby girl.

With the successful delivery of her child this week, Lauren Holiday will now prepare for surgery to remove a benign tumor in her brain. That operation is expected to take place in about six weeks.

The tumor was discovered in June, while Holiday was pregnant. Her doctors believed that the growth could be safely removed — and that the former U.S. midfielder would recover fully — but surgery wasn’t possible until she gave birth.

Jrue and Lauren Holiday. (NOLA .com/Instagram/Lauren Holiday)

Jrue and Lauren Holiday. (NOLA .com/Instagram/Lauren Holiday)

ESPN said the baby wasn’t due until mid-October. The couple planned to induce labor so her surgery could be scheduled sooner.

Jrue Holiday, a point guard with the New Orleans Pelicans, has taken a leave of absence from the team to care for his wife and baby.

Lauren announced her retirement from the U.S. women’s team right after the 2015 World Cup.

At 27 she was in her prime, one of the most versatile and consistent midfielders in the world. But she and her husband, weary of juggling two demanding travel schedules, wanted to spend more time together and begin raising a family.

The Holidays met at UCLA, stars in their respective sports. They live in North Carolina. Doctors from Duke University will perform Lauren’s surgery.



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