Kristine Lilly, the all-time leader in caps, just picked up 2 more — 6 years after retiring

kristine lilly

Kristine Lilly, Aug. 23, 2004. (Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

U.S. Soccer has found an error in its official records from 1995.

“For some reason that will remain lost to history,” the federation says, the stats from two games that the U.S. women played in January of that year were never added to players’ individual totals.
To quote Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, “Sorry. Oops.”

Lilly played in both of the mislaid games. So her world record for appearances has been increased from 352 to 354.

The error doesn’t affect any current U.S. players. (Mallory Pugh hadn’t been born in 1995. Morgan Brian was 2 years old. Crystal Dunn was 3. Alex Morgan — who wears No. 13 (in more ways than one) in honor of Lilly — was 6.)


Alex Morgan’s ‘Thirteen’ tattoo.

In light of the discovery, these stats have been adjusted as well:

• Michelle Akers‘ career goal total increases to 107 from 105.


Kristine Lilly (right) visits Michelle Akers’ horse-rescue farm outside Atlanta in October 2010.

• Carin Gabarra‘s goes to 56 from 53.

• Tisha Venturini‘s goes to 47 from 44.

• Mia Hamm’s U.S. record for assists grows by one, to 145.

• And with those two wins added to his career total, Tony DiCicco, who coached the U.S. women from 1994 to 1999, has the highest winning percentage (.9008) in team history.


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