Ali Krieger has had it with bullies

Ali Krieger. (Brian Kaminski)

Ali Krieger. (Brian Kaminski)

In ‘Enough Is Enough,’ an impassioned essay on her website, Ali Krieger says she’s dedicating herself to stopping bullying, including cyberbullying.

Bullying is everywhere. I have witnessed it in all aspects of my life. Sometimes it’s happened to those closest to me. And I am experiencing it myself.

I love connecting with my supporters online…but it’s not always positive. Over the last year I’ve read harmful, offensive, and untrue words written about me. Would you actually say these things to my face?

Krieger doesn’t describe the nature of the bullying that’s been directed at her, though she gives a hint.

She says she’s decided to take action:

I’m getting involved with an amazing cause, fighting for what’s right, and helping people help themselves because bullying is unacceptable.

She promises details later.

In the meantime, she writes:

So what do we do in this exact moment? We start by spreading kindness.


Ali Krieger. (Instagram)

Ali Krieger. (Instagram)


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