Megan Rapinoe says don’t rule her out of Rio Games: ‘This blonde ain’t gone!’

Rich Schultz/AP

Rich Schultz/AP

In a blog entry from earlier this month, Megan Rapinoe says she still hopes her surgically repaired knee will be healed in time for this summer’s Olympic Games.

“I’ll be back soon enough!” she writes. “My Olympic dream is still alive! This blonde ain’t gone!”

The 30-year-old midfielder tore the ACL in her right knee during a training session in early December, toward the end of the U.S. women’s Victory Tour.

This is her third torn ACL. The other two occurred back-to-back in her sophomore and junior years at the University of Portland.

That medical history, she says, has taught her value of patience.

 I try really hard to focus on what I can do today, gains I can make in each rehab session, approach that with positivity, and with a smile, and try to get a little better everyday.  It’s really hard, I can tell you…

She says it’s important during rehab to pour her energy into the things she can do — the incremental gains she’s slowly making — instead of fretting about the challenges that remain, at least for now, beyond her limits.

Post-surgery selfie that Megan Rapinoe put on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Right after her surgery in December, Rapinoe posted this knee selfie on Instagram.

“Recovery takes its sweet ole time. … And speaking from experience, boy will you be miserable if your focus lies in all the things you cannot do.”

Rapinoe is one of soccer’s most personable, most accessible and  most  recognizable stars. That’s made her a beloved figure worldwide. It’s helped to make her a wealthy woman, thanks largely to marketing deals with Nike, Samsung, Wildfang and other companies.

But that celebrity also makes it impossible to avoid endless questions about her recovery.

I get asked basically every day about my knee, how my knee is feeling, how my rehab is going, when I will be able to play again, about the Olympics, if I will be able to play in the Olympics, when can I play with the [Seattle] Reign again, will I be back to play this season? 

While she’s grateful that fans care enough to ask, “quite frankly it can be exhausting. …”

From the beginning, the odds of a full recovery by the start of August weren’t good. But no one said it was impossible, either.

Rapinoe isn’t making any predictions about a return date, at least not publicly.

All she’s saying is: Rule nothing out.

Megan Rapinoe. (Instagram)



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