Video: USA 3, Japan 3: The goals

Here are all six the scoring plays from Thursday’s 3-3 draw between the United States and Japan.



14th minute: Mizuho Sakaguchi passes to Mana Iwabuchi near the top right corner of the penalty area. Iwabuchi cuts inside, finds a narrow crease between Morgan Brian and Becky Sauerbrunn, and launches a hard, arching shot into the upper left corner. Hope Solo dives and nearly gets a hand on the ball, but it whistles past her fingertips. Japan 1, USA 0



22nd minute: Emi Nakajima, wide on the right flank, bends a cross just outside the six-yard box. Yuki Ogimi, rushing in, slips past Kelley O’Hara, slides and taps a first touch into the lower left corner. Japan 2, USA 0



27th minute: Crystal Dunn, at midfield, chips the ball into space in front of Mallory Pugh on the right. Pugh outsprints a Japanese defender and catches up with Dunn’s lob near the end line. Pugh turns and cuts the ball in to Alex Morgan, making a trailing run, and Morgan slips a quick roller past the Japanese goalkeeper, Ayaka Yamashita. Japan 2, USA 1



64th minute: Tobin Heath, with a free kick from the right wing, sends the ball toward the top of the six-yard box. Julie Johnston leaps and spins for a header, but can’t quite get to the ball as it’s flying by. Alex Morgan, however, is right behind her and pushes the ball on with a sort of half-header, half-shoulder nudge. The keeper gets a hand on it but can’t make the stop. Japan 2, USA 2



89th minute:  Kelley O’Hara, left unattended by Japan, lofts a ball from the left flank deep into the penalty area. Lindsey Horan, in traffic in front of the net, beats two defenders to the ball, as well as the keeper, who inadvisably came out. Horan’s header finds the open goal. USA 3, Japan 2



94th minute: In stoppage time, — and with the U. S. players maybe celebrating  prematurely their remarkable come-from-behind win — Japan advanced into the final third with a sequence of quick, efficient passes. The last one, from Mizuho Sakaguchi to Kumi Yokoyama, caught at least five Americans flatfooted: Sam Mewis, Allie Long, Kelley O’Hara, and, yes, even the great Becky Saurerbrunn and Julie Johnston. Yokoyama got behind all of them and drove a low shot into the left corner. Hope Solo’s dive was futile; the  ball was in the net.


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