Rapinoe says rehab from knee surgery is going well

jenny meganUnable to join her teammates on the pitch, Megan Rapinoe was a forgettable addition to the Fox Sports broadcast team for Saturday’s game between the United States and Ireland.

She didn’t do badly. Not at all.

But she certainly wasn’t gushing with enthusiasm as she chatted during breaks with  Fox’s Jenny Taft.

Pinoe is a soccer player, not a sideline reporter. Clearly, her heart was elsewhere.

Before the game, Rapinoe said it had been six weeks to the day since she underwent surgery to repair the torn ACL in her right knee.

“Rehab is going better than I could have ever expected,” she said.

However, she offered no timetable for her return.

The 30-year-old midfielder tore up her knee in early December, while training on a crappy field that U.S. Soccer had stuck the women’s team with in Honolulu.

Post-surgery selfie that Megan Rapinoe put on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Post-surgery selfie that Megan Rapinoe put on Instagram a few weeks ago.

At the time,  most news accounts said it was unlikely that Rapinoe would be fully healed in time for the Summer Olympics, which begin Aug. 5 in Rio de Janeiro.

“I certainly hope it’s for Rio,” she said on Fox.

But there was no concrete indication from anything she said that her hope is rooted in reality.

Unfortunately, Rapinoe’s become quite an expert at rebounding from ACL tears. This is the third time she’s had to do it. The earlier injuries occurred in 2006 and 2007, while she was playing for the University of Portland.

The hardest part of being sidelined, she said, is the frustration of not being able to work out every day with her teammates.

“But overall, I’m doing well. I really am,” she said.

I hope I’m wrong, but she just didn’t sound convincing to me.


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