Hope Solo says Carli Lloyd is Sportsman of the Year

Carli Lloyd and Hope Solo, after the 2015 World Cup final.  (USA Today)

Carli Lloyd and Hope Solo, after the 2015 World Cup final. (USA Today)

Carli Lloyd, one of 12 candidates for Sports Illustrated’s prestigious Sportsman of the Year award, has the endorsement of her goalkeeper, Hope Solo.

Solo, writing for SI.com, says Lloyd’s greatest strength isn’t her shot, or her physical toughness, or her extraordinary regimen of training and conditioning. It isn’t her competitiveness. It isn’t her uncanny knack for playing her best when the stakes are highest,


Those are all important.

But what really separates Lloyd, Solo writes, what makes her “a true champion,” is her mental toughness — her capacity to take the good and the bad in stride, to rebound from setbacks, to stay focused no matter how many distractions present themselves.

“Life is similar to sport,” Solo writes.

There is always something to overcome, whether it’s injury, new coaches, being benched or personal struggles. Life goes on and doesn’t stop, and it certainly isn’t put on hold for the major tournaments.

What I admire about Carli … is that she has been through more than people probably remember: fitness challenges, coaching changes, suddenly finding herself on the bench and her own personal life challenges. She manages it all with sheer commitment, passion and leadership. She makes me — and everyone around her — a better person and a better athlete by holding people as accountable as she holds herself.

USA Today

USA Today


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