Carli Lloyd, who’s become a marketing juggernaut, stars in Visa commercial

Simon Bruty/Sports Illustrated

Simon Bruty/Sports Illustrated

The 2015 World Cup made Carli Lloyd an international celebrity — as it should have.

Even though she’s been a member of the U.S. team since 2005, even though former U.S. coach Tony DiCicco calls her “the best scoring midfielder in the world,”  even though  she’s steadily climbing the lists of all-time leaders in goals and appearances, even though she is the only player of either gender to have scored the game-winning goals in two Olympic gold medal matches (2008 and 2012), Carli Lloyd was hardly a household name — until this summer.

That’s all changed, of course. As she told People magazine:

It’s been amazing. Everywhere I go people recognize me, and it’s pretty cool.

I think throughout my time on the national team I’ve flown under the radar as someone who isn’t flashy, someone who doesn’t care about my hair or makeup or the glitz and glamour. … I let my play on the field do the talking. And now, 10 years later, it’s finally getting recognized, which is cool.

I’m not getting recognized because I posed in a swimsuit edition of some magazine, but because of what I do on the field.

Lloyd’s MVP performance in the World Cup culminated in a blistering hat trick in the championship game against Japan. Her three goals came early and in rapid succession, putting the Japanese on the canvas before they knew what hit them.

The third of those goals instantly claimed its place among the spectacular feats in World Cup history:

Lloyd stood out even on a global stage crowded with the world’s best. She stood out even on a U.S. team with far more famous — and more marketable — A-listers.

However, in the months since the World Cup, the 33-year-old Jersey Girl has become a marketing dynamo. The royalty checks that were slow to find her before are piling up now.

Sports marketing experts predicted as much within days — no, hours — of the Americans’ World Cup triumph. They witnessed her dominance on the pitch, caught her girl-next-door smile (if the girl next door had had her nose busted a few times), heard her earnest gospel on how to achieve great things in life –work hard, then work harder. And they knew that fortune would rapidly follow fame to Lloyd’s doorstep.

The New York Post quoted one talent agency  executive as saying Lloyd could rake in $18 million in commercial deals over the next two years — a staggering sum for any female soccer player.

Part of what made her so rise so lucrative was its timing: With the Olympics taking place next summer, sponsors are searching for big-name athletes to star in marketing campaigns tied to the Games.

Here’s a new commercial for Visa and Chevron that features Lloyd;

Hope you like it. You’re going to see plenty more.



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