Q&A with Megan Rapinoe: ‘I can’t believe’ Germany missed that PK

In this interview with seattlepi.com, Megan Rapinoe talks about her best summer ever.

USA Today

USA Today

Among other wide-ranging topics — the U.S. team’s newfound celebrity, getting engaged, turning 30, and being included in the 2016 edition of EA Sports’ enormously popular soccer video game — Rapinoe talks about Celia Sasic’s missed penalty kick in the World Cup semifinal match between Germany and the United States.

Had the PK gone in — as they always do for Sasic — it would have given Germany the lead.

I can’t believe she put it wide,” Rapinoe says. “She’s much better than that. I’ve never seen her do that. Germany has never [previously] missed a penalty in a World Cup.”

Rapinoe credits Hope Solo with breaking Sasic’s concentration by, well, stalling.

“Hope did a good job making the moment hers. She made everybody wait,” Rapinoe says. ” I’m surprised the referee let her take that long.”

Sasic’s mistake, she says, changed the course of the match — and, possibly, of the World Cup. “It was a  different game” because of the miss, Rapinoe says, adding: “The whole stadium went nuts. It felt like it was coming for us.”


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