Quote of the day: Carli Lloyd, on her newfound celebrity

“It’s been amazing. Everywhere I go, people recognize me … Throughout my time on the national team, I’ve flown under the radar as someone who isn’t flashy, someone who doesn’t care about my hair or makeup or the glitz and glamour. … I just go to work every day and I outwork everyone. … And now, 10 years later, … I’m not getting recognized because I posed in a swimsuit edition of some magazine, but because of what I do on the field, and that’s important to me.”

– Carli Lloyd, quoted in People magazine

Elsa/Getty Images North America

Elsa/Getty Images North America


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Carli Lloyd, on her newfound celebrity

  1. Hmmm. I’m disheartened because I think people can read between the lines with this quote from Carli. She needs to step back and remember that none of her team mates who have gotten more attention through the years got it initially because they posed “in a swim suit edition for some magazine.” They were (and are) highly talented bad-ass game changers first and foremost….and are ALSO very hard workers! What Carli’s team mate accomplished on the pitch (just like her) is what caught the eyes of millions, and hence a fame that gave her other opportunities. Her soccer talents came first! Carli is also stating she “outworks” everyone on her team, which is not true. Frankly, Carli never stood out much before because she never did much, in addition to having a bit of an attitude. I’m happy for her, but disappointed in this quote. She will learn that with this newly acquired fame, she will have opportunities to make a different kind of impact for female athletes and there’s nothing wrong with that–especially in a sport that gets little attention. Pick wisely, and stay classy, Carli. Stop talking so much about finally making a name for “yourself” and having “your own legacy,” when it’s a team sport. It will fall into place if you stay humble and don’t start taking back door jabs at fellow team mates…which is exactly what this quote is doing (even is she was doing it subconsciously)–which I doubt. That’s really unfortunate.

    • I agree completely, Kelli. Whether it’s what she intended or not, it sounds like she’s taking shots at Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, Megan Rapinoe, etc. And it’s not an isolated case — I’ve seen other places where she’s said similar things.

      This is particularly unfortunate since she may be called on to become team captain if Rampone and Wambach retire. The person who wears the armband has to have the respect of the entire team. And to gget that, she has to show respect to the entire team.

      (Which is why I would choose Becky Sauerbrunn as the next captain.)

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