5 things you might not know about USA vs. Norway

alglogoThe Algarve Cup begins today (March 4) and runs through March 11. Team USA opens play at 1 p.m. CT against Norway. The game is on Fox Sports 1, as are all U.S. matches in the tournament, except the one against Iceland on March 9.

Here are five oddities, curiosities or, possibly, interesting facts about the longstanding rivalry between the U.S. women’s team and Norway:



The United States and Norway have played 48 times. The only teams that the Americans have faced more often are Canada and China.





The U.S. record against Norway is 27-19-2. Those 19 losses are more than Team USA has against any other country.





The United States and Norway have been playing each other since 1987, when the U.S. women’s team was just 2 years old.





Team USA has won its last four games against Norway, all at the Algarve Cup. Their most recent match was in 2012. The Americans won 2-1.





Norway and the United States are the only two countries to have won Olympic gold medals in women’s soccer.

More precisely: Since 1996, when women’s soccer became an Olympic sport, the United States has won the gold medal every time except in 2000, when Norway won (and the United States took the silver medal).






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